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Terms of use

Your use of the Spectrum website and our Auction system is subject to the following terms of use.

  • Buyers must ensure the Auction number and the Bidding price are correct.
    Spectrum will not take any responsibility for errors made by the Buyer with the Auction Number or Bidding Price.
  • All Bids are FOB unless otherwise previously agreed between Spectrum & the Buyer.
  • All Vehicles or Bikes purchased through the Dynamic Auction system are on a "AS IS" basis.
  • Spectrum will not accept any Claims due to Bikes bought not being in the condition expected.
  • Claims will NOT be accepted for any Cars or Bikes that are Ranked 0, or 1, or NOT Ranked.
  • All Claims for any product bought through Spectrum must be made within 7 calender Day following Date of Purchase.
  • Any Claims for any product bought through Spectrum regarding packing or damage occurring in a container must be made within 7 calender Days following Date of unloading.
  • If requested by the Buyer, Spectrum will inspect the Vehicle or Bike and give the Buyer feedback/Advise prior to bidding on the Vehicle or Bike.
  • If more than one Bid is received for the same Unit and that Unit is purchased the Unit will go to the Highest Bidder.
  • Spectrum will try to keep BUYER informed of current BIDs on the Vehicle or Bike.
  • All BIDS are final unless the BUYER alters the BID with Spectrum Prior to BIDDING.
  • In the event that for whatever reason the BUYER wishes to cancel the Purchase of the Unit after Spectrum has bought the Unit, a request to Spectrum must be received within 1 week of Purchase and the Buyer will be responsible to pay a cancellation fee for each Bike or vehicle, plus any losses incurred on the resale of the unit. please contact Spectrum for Details of the Current Cancellation Fees.
  • Customer bought Bikes or Vehicles are subject to a Japan Side Storage charge on a per unit per week basis.
    Please contact Spectrum regarding the current Storage charges.
  • All prices are in Japanese YEN.