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Motorcycle Live Auction System

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You can see & search Spectrum stock.
To bid in our Live Auctions you must be a Spectrum member.
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8000 auction bikes a week is hard to manage in a way that is easy to find what you want.
This will take you through the basic auction system and how it works.
As a member you will have access to past prices, photos of present bikes,
and a detailed description of each bike.
A system where you are alerted to bikes you want coming up.

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How to Check past Bike Prices

How to Check past Bike Prices

Using this filter you are able to find past prices for bikes that have come up in the auctions.
The filter allows you to select a specific model or a range of bikes.
The prices are based on the hammer price,
and give an accurate indication of what you can make profit on or not.
This data is provided free to all members.

Auction List

Spectrum motorcycle auction List

There are many auctions and data we have.
Members are able to bid on all the bikes from these auctions,
track what they have bought and what they have not, and adjust any bids.
All these bids are received by our staff in real time.

Bike List

Spectrum motorcycle auction bike list

A list of all the bikes appearing at our auctions is available by selecting an auction.
Using the filter you can select a bike and a list of bikes matching your request will appear.
This has basic rank and condition. By selecting one bike photos and more details will appear.

Detailed Bike Data

Detailed bike data

Each bike comes with photos and details of any imperfections.
There is a place to bid and give us your comments.
Almost all the information has been translated into English and there are plenty of help menus.
Placing a bid is easy and allows you to enter a comment that our staff will see.
All bids arrive to us in real time,
and we will personally check all timely bids to ensure you buy bikes that suit.