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Spectrum is an approved facility by JEVIC
for ; NZ/Australian Biosecurity Check. NZLTSA Check. Bikes and other Vehicles maybe prechecked. before packing/export at Spectrums Facility.


Points to Consider...

About Heavy Equipment

Please note Spectrum is a window or agent for you to buy vehicles in Japan.
We pride ourselves on a full and expert export service.
However we cannot and do not know every Countries import requirements and we cannot look inside engines or Under vehicles easily when checking vehicles at Auctions.
Of course Spectrum will help wherever possible, however, below is a list that we will not accept any responsibility for

Spectrum will not be responsible for;

  • Any Packing damage or Theft of items using Roll on or Roll Off Vehicles
  • Any Packing Damage from inside the container if the Container been transported on Rail
  • Any Packing Damage from inside the container where the Container has been poorly handled by Port or transport authorities
  • Any Defects on the vehicle that cannot be easily or obviously seen or Heard
  • Any Unseen problems on Crashed/Damaged Vehicles
  • Any Defects on the Vehicle if the Buyer has elected the No check Option when Bidding
  • Any Engine or other Defects occurring after the vehicle has been exported from Japan
  • Any Errors in Bidding by the Customer
  • Any Problems arising from loss of or use of Password or Login Details by a third Party
  • Any Problems arising from a Lack of understanding by the buyer of the Import Countries restrictions or requirements