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Packing is done at our warehouse by Spectrums own packing staff with years of experience. Every care is taken by Spectrum Staff to ensure you receive your goods safely and undamaged.

The Cycle is ;

Your bike or Car arrives at Spectrums Depot. Packing staff prepare the Bike of Car by removing, wrapping and cataloging parts that may be damaged, or may damage other units in the container. The Parts removed are carefully wrapped and labeled for your ease when unloading and assembling the motorcycles.

On packing day Bikes are covered with Blankets or thick Japanese Futons and are loaded into the container one by one. The Bikes are fixed to the floor by their stands and wheels are stopped using blocks nailed to the floor. A floor is built and then bikes are loaded on this floor. To protect bikes further sometimes Bubble wrap is used to cover the panels.

Cars and Bikes can be loaded together. In this case the numbers of cars or Bikes you can fit into a container is dependant on the size or the units. Please contact Spectrum directly for an estimate when thinking about this avenue.

Things we can't do ;

Unless Spectrum uses a different method of packing, which will greatly affect the value of using a container, Spectrum cannot guarantee any Packing when the Container has been moved by Rail over any distance. We strongly recommend that wherever possible you arrange your shipping route to be able to use trucking instead of rail. The Shunting movement of trains causes a lot of damage and is very hard to protect Bikes in a container against this kind of movement.