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Motorcycle FAQ

At Spectrum, we want your buying decisions / process to be as easy as possible. You can find answers to many of the common questions we're asked below. If you should have any questions not answered on this page, please Contact Us.

1. How do I get an Account with Spectrum to Access the Dynamic Auctions?

To get an account with Spectrum to access the Dynamic Auctions you first have to fill out the Registration form. Once you have filled this out Spectrum will review your request and then contact you either by email or a phone call. For the best results fill out all of the fields in the registration form. Once all this is done we start looking at an agreement to start buying bikes.

2. How do I pay the deposit for a container or bike?

To send a Deposit to Spectrum's please send us a mail requesting our Bank Details. We do ask when making any kind of bank Transfer to Spectrum that you send use an email of the amount you are sending and also to label the Transfer with your name or company name.

3. OK I have filled out the Account request form and sent a deposit to Spectrum what now?

Once we have received your deposit we will send out your Spectrum ID and password via email ( please keep this in and safe place). Once you receive this you will be able to access the Spectrum Auctions and members page.

4. I am an old customer of Spectrum's and have not Bidded in awhile. I cannot access the Members page why?

Because of security and your safety Spectrum may have stopped your access to the members page. Please send Spectrum an email and request a new password or new account.

5. How do I get to the Members Page?

OK you have your password and Account now to access the Members page. Now at the Spectrum Home page just click the "Members Door" menu in the top menu, and a window will pop up and request your ID and password. Once you have typed this information click OK. You will be taken to the members page and now are ready to view the Auctions.

6. How do I view the Auctions and bikes?

Once at the Members page you will have a menu at the top of the page. The titles will be Bikes,Your Activities,Spectrum Stocks,Company and User. Just Click the Auction List this will take you to the Auction list and it will have all of the up coming Auctions as well as a few past auctions. The Auctions that are on that day will be Highlighted in pink. The Auction units are high lighted in blue just click them and you will be able to see the Auction list and be able to open up the bike pages.

7. What does FOB mean?

FOB means "Free On Board". This is were all the costs on the Japanese side are paid for. Any other charges like customs and transport on your side are not paid for when you purchase the bike.

8. How do I view the Bikes?

Once you are at the Auction list page you can click on the Auction number and this will take you to the Bike page with photos and comment on that bike.

9. How do I search for a bike?

You can search for bike using the Query box. Here you can type in the bike name, Frame number, CC rating and Rank. The more information you use for the query the less amount of results you will receive back.

10. If the bike sells for less than what I bid on (max bid), what happens?

If Spectrum buys the bike for less than your bid, you will be charged less. Spectrum is commission based. Spectrum works hard to purchase bikes at the best possible price.

11. How do I know the condition of the bike I am interested in purchasing?

Each auction has slight variations in ranking their bikes. Where possible, Spectrum has provided a help menu to assist. If you have any doubts or questions regarding condition of bikes then please contact our sales team.

12. How do I view my Bikes and containers?

When you are on the members page under the title Your activities is a link called Stock simply click this and all of your bikes will appear as a list you can search by container with the query box that is at the top of the page.

13. Are there any storage fees for bikes bought if so are there time limits?

Yes there will be storage fees. Storage Fees are calculated per bike per week. Contact Spectrum to find out about these Fees.

14. What happens if I want to cancel a bike I have bought?

If you want to cancel a bike you have purchased through the Auction System, we ask you to send an email within 1 week or Purchase to Spectrum stating why you are wanting to cancel that bike. There will be a cancellation fees and other costs of disposal of that Bike.

15. How are bikes packed?

For all bikes sent in containers we will dismantle expensive parts or parts that pose a threat to other bikes while in transit. Eg. Winkers, mufflers and steps & Mirrors. We also wrap all parts that are pulled off the bike in bubble wrap and label each one with the packing number for that bike. Bikes are then wrapped with thick blankets and held in position in the container by wood. Spectrum WILL pack two floors in the containers. This increases the amount of bikes you can export in each container. Spectrum takes pride in the way we pack our containers. We feel that you will not find a better company for packing your bikes anywhere in the world.

16. Can I order parts though Spectrum?

Yes you can order parts though Spectrum whether it be new or used parts you are after. We have a Parts Request form that you can order parts though. When ordering parts we ask you to State the model name, frame number and any other information you can get. The more information we have the faster we can get the parts for you.