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Spectrum is an approved facility by JEVIC
for ; NZ/Australian Biosecurity Check. NZLTSA Check. Bikes and other Vehicles maybe prechecked. before packing/export at Spectrums Facility.

Methods of Shipping

About Heavy Equipment

There are two methods of shipping your vehicles from Japan: One is by container-20 foot or 40 foot high cube. Depending on the size of the vehicles that you are shipping, it is possible to put 2 vehicles in a 20 foot container and three or four in a 40 foot high cube. In the case of the small "Kei Truck", it is often possible pack 6 or even 7 vehicles in a 40 foot high cube.
The second method is called "RoRo." This means Roll on Roll off. With this method the vehicles are simply driven on to the ship and then secured to the decks for the journey to the destination port, much like a giant ferry. The advantage of this system is that it is usually much cheaper than container. The disadvantage is that not all international port destinations are served by RoRo ships.