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Export Demo: Motorcycle Process

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Customers can view Japanese Motorcycle & Car auctions from the comfort of their own home. We can offer more than 10,000 Motorcycles & 15,000 Cars every week.

Search and Bid

Customers can make BIDS on Cars or Motorcycles through Spectrums comprehensive Live Auction System.

Check the motorcycles 1

When a customer has BID Spectrum staff pre-check the item before they try to buy it at the Auction.

Check the motorcycles 2

Care is taken to ensure that the Customers Specifications are met.

Transport to Depot

The Unit is bought at the Auction. If it is a motorcycle, it is loaded onto one of Spectrums trucks for transport back to the Spectrum Warehouse.

Clean up

Bikes are fully checked, photographed then stored in Spectrums fully Secure, Clean and Dry Warehouse until packing.

Ready to send 1

Before Packing Bikes are prepared by removing all objects which may be damaged or may damage other Bikes in the container such as mufflers, mirrors and lights etc.

Ready to send 2

Parts are cataloged and wrapped to ensure safety inside the container.

Packing to Container 1

On packing day Bikes are covered with thick blankets or wrapped with bubble wrap to minimize any damage.

Packing to Container 2

Bikes are packed one by one into the container and a floor is made to pack bikes on a second level as well.

Transport to ship

The packed container is trucked to the port and loaded onto a ship.

Send to you

Spectrum can ship anywhere in the world safely.