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Spectrum Ranking System

We give all bikes that we sell a ranking, to help you gauge the overall condition of the vehicle. Spectrum Ranks are slightly Different to Live Auction Ranks. Our ranks are more value orientated than most auction. For example some Live Auctions rank aftermarket Parts Down, but Spectrum will give a good rank for good quality.

Rank Meaning
Rank 6 to 10 Mint. New Bike or Near New Condition - Never Used and probably not started. May Still be in the Crate, may have VERY low mileage. No noticeable Scratches.
Rank 5 Used Bike is Very nice tidy and clean condition. May have very light scratches if any and average mileage. Requires no repairs.
Rank 4.5 Light Damage overall a clean bike.
Rank 4 A Used bike in average condition for the type of model it is. No missing parts and ridable. Damage is limited: Scuffs, cracks, small dents, etc. Comments are made on these points.
Rank 3 The bike requires repairs or replacement of parts to make it complete and ridable. Will comment on major problems only.
Rank 2 May be rusty, requiring restoration of major parts. May be missing some parts, but structurally OK.
Rank DAM This Rank is for crashed or suspected Crashed Bikes. NO Claims - Spectrum will check the Bikes as best as we can and advise on Frames and other parts of the Bike.