Stock Number 46558
Yamaha : Virago 250
(JY) 27,500 -
Frame3DM-070198 Spectrum Comment
Year ( No Documents )
Meter* 10252K
Status OK
Spectrum Condition Report
Engine Starts [ Yes ]
Idles [ No ]
Engine Revs [ No ]
Recommend  Carb OH
LH Fork Outer Small White Rust
RH Fork Outer Small White Rust
LH Fork Inner Small Rust
RH Fork Inner Small Rust
LH Fork Dust Seal Medium Crack(s)
Front Wheel Medium Rust
Front Fender Small Scratch(s)
Front Fender Small Scuff(s)
Chain Small Rust
LH Rear Shock Small Rust
Rear Fender Small Scratch(s)
Rear Fender Small Scuff(s)
RH Silencer Small Scratch(s)
RH Silencer Small Scuff(s)
RH Rear Shock Small Rust
Inside of Tank Small Rust
Top of Tank Small Scratch(s)
Top of Tank Small Scuff(s)
Top of Tank Small Rust
Back of Tank Small Scratch(s)
Back of Tank Small Scuff(s)
Back of Tank Small Rust
LHS Tank Small Scratch(s)
LHS Tank Small Scuff(s)
LHS Tank Small Rust
LH Center Cowl Small Scratch(s)
LH Center Cowl Small Scuff(s)
RH Center Cowl Small Scratch(s)
RH Center Cowl Small Scuff(s)
LH Front Winker Large Scratch(s)
LH Front Winker Small White Rust
RH Mirror Small Scratch(s)
RH Mirror Small Scuff(s)
LH Rear Winker Small Scratch(s)
LH Rear Winker Small Scuff(s)
RH Mirror Small Rust
Tail Lamp Small Scratch(s)
Brake Lamp Small Scratch(s)
LH Mirror Small Scratch(s)
LH Mirror Small Scuff(s)
RH Rear Winker Small White Rust
LH Mirror Small Rust
Handle Small Scuff(s)
Handle Small Rust
RH Front Step Small Scratch(s)
RH Front Step Small Rust

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