About Spectrum

Our Goals

There are millions of opportunities available to us all the time. Most are not profitable, many are too hard, others are too risky, and often take too much time. We select real opportunities and develop systems to make that opportunity simple to take advantage of. We build systems to make the information available to you as detailed and accurate as possible. 80% of our business is sending pre-used items to countries thousands of miles away. Our customers never get to directly see the items until well after they have bought them. That requires a lot of trust on their part, and we take that trust seriously.

Each pre-used item is unique in who has used it, how it has been used, colour, age, etc. In the same way you the buyer are unique in what you want, need and expect. We are able to make this matching simple through personal online filters and solid on the ground advice from our Native English speaking consultants. Each item is described photographed and kept online in your own personal archive. These are some of the many tools we have to insure any customer of ours can make profitable decisions.