Car Auction

Auction System

How to Buy

Choose and click on the auction you wish to view
View Car details and the Auction Check sheet
Enter a comment or request to the Auction Staff if you wish too
Enter your Board Price into the Bid Box and Press enter The Bid will go a Shopping cart
If you wish to bid on more cars go back to your list

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  1. Once you have bidded on the cars you want go to your shopping cart
  2. You can adjust prices or remove cars here if you wish
  3. Once you are happy click Bid on all Cars in this list
  4. Spectrum will receive your Bid list


What Spectrum will do for you

car check

  • We will Check cars at the Nearby auctions if you desire it and communicate any issues
  • We will advise you on the contents of the auction check sheets
  • We will provide you with Previous Price history if you need it
  • We will Move cars to the Port or to our warehouse
  • We will arrange Roll On Roll off Shipping or Containerisation your cars
  • We will make sure the documentation for Vehicles is correct on the Japan Side
  • All Road use vehicles must be deregistered in Japan before export and Spectrum will handle all this
  • We will send you all necessary documents that we have received


What you are required to Do

  • Ensure you are bidding on the correct vehicle at the correct Auction - any errors you make you are responsible for - Auction Cancellation fees are VERY expensive
  • Ensure the car can be imported into your Country and will pass all checks and requirements in your country
  • Ensure prompt payment is sent to Spectrum within one week
    ( Vehicles will not be shipped until Payment is received )