System update

May 29, 2018 7:36 AM

The system updated for the Satellite 3 and the Satellite 5 auction.
These auctions will show the bike inspection results in English.

Power Cuts that may Affect Spectrum

May 18, 2011 9:22 AM

For now the threat of power cuts has disappeared.
For this reason we have removed the notices from the front page of the Spectrum Website.

The Hot Japanese Summer may bring further powercuts that may affect the accessibility to this website.

In that event Spectrum will repost the notices on the front page.

Staff in Japan want to thank once again all those that offered help, prayers and their thoughts.

John Fearon & Spectrum Staff


March 28, 2011 3:23 PM

NEWSFLASH - Prices Dropped Last week

Hi All

Are things finally coming right?

Last week showed, AT LAST, a drop in prices which allowed us to buy for customers.

There are alot of possible reasons for this sudden drop in Prices ;

1. The Japanese Earthquake is having an affect on internal Bike prices.
2. Its the time of year when people must decide whether or not to renew their road taxes.
This might prompt people who were thinking of selling their bike to decide and get the job done.
3. Coming into Spring means the warmer weather and bike prices should rise as people try to get
their rides ready. However the oposite is also true in that people want to sell their old rides
quickly. You can see this with a HUGE selection last week.
4. Some exchange rates are strengthing slightly agains the Japanese Yen. This also helps.

The Main message here is to get back to bidding. If you havent Bid for a while take notice.
Prices have dropped. Of course no promises - this week may show the prices jump back up.
But you need to give it a go.

Best Regards
John Fearon

Times Server shut down expected

March 15, 2011 1:04 PM

On going effects from Earthquake in Japan 15th March 2011 09:00JPT

Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts through this crisis. Due to lack of power generation Tokyo Electric Power company has announced in advanced rolling power cuts that will effect our operation. Please be aware our server will NOT be operating all the time and must be shut down at certain times. Also the Motorcycle Auctions will be without power at certain times.

It is IMPORTANT to understand that ANY schedule we have is TENTATIVE ONLY.  This means it can be changed at any time without notice and already has been.
However any information is better than none.

I will try to explain this as simply as possible. All times will be according to Japan times.  This is the schedule as we know and MAY CHANGE AT ANY TIME.

Tuesday auctions are unaffected except for access to the Spectrum Web Site.
Wednesday auction may be affected.

Rolling Power cuts




Predicted Effect

Tuesday 15th



Wed Auction power off

No update in auction data




No Power to Server

Will not be able to see home page to bid or receive mail to






Wednesday 16th



Wed Auction power off

Auction will not be operating




No Power to Server

Will not be able to see home page to bid or receive mail to

17th Thusday

Server down from 12:20 to 16:00

18th  Friday

Server expected to be down from 9:20 - 13:00 and possibly from 16:50 - 20:30

BDS out from 6:20 to 10:00 and possibly from 13:50 - 17:30

What action to take.

Spectrum will send notices as soon as Auction Lists are available.

IT IS IMPORTANT to get ALL YOUR BIDS DONE as soon as you see the Auction Lists.    BID IMMEDIATELY even if there is no Checking Data or photos.  John WILL CHECK your Bikes as Normal.

This is an unprecedented tragedy for Japan, and it might take some time before business returns to normal. We ask for patients, support and understanding. I am sure we will see some unpredictable results at the auctions. Bid as soon as you can to help us work hard for you.

From the team at Spectrum.

Notice for New Years Holiday in Japan

December 15, 2010 7:01 AM

Spectrum will be Closed for New Year holidays from 27-Dec to 3-Jan.

Jon will attend any auctions during that time as Normal. Please Bid as normal. The Auction schedules are below for this period.

* Friday Home Auctions on 24-Dec and 7-Jan will be special auctions. They will have Ranked Bikes as well as Damaged and Scrap Units. Please check your rankings and condition carefully.

[ Bike Auction ]
<Last Auction in this year>
Satellite 3 on Tuesday --- 28-Dec
Satellite 4 on Tuesday --- 28-Dec
Home on Wednesday --- 22-Dec
Home/Satellite 1 on Friday --- 24-Dec-*

<First Auction in 2011>
Home/Satellite 1 on Friday --- 7-Jan-*
Satellite 3 on Tuesday --- 11-Jan
Satellite 4 on Tuesday --- 11-Jan
Home on Wednesday --- 12-Jan

[ Car Auction ]
Last Auction in this year --- 24th-Dec
First Auction in 2010 --- 7th-Jan

Making the Best Use of your Bids

April 28, 2010 10:58 AM

John FearonHere are some tips on how to make the most of the Spectrum Bidding System

Hi All

The Wednesday and Friday Auction Ranks are generally professional and can be trusted.

How do they rank the bikes?

Generally Rank 1-2 are damaged or scrap bikes. No Claim. There is also Rank 0 - this means the unit has no documents.

Rank 7 - 10 are usually new units. These bikes may have enough documents to register the bikes in Japan, but not enough for
other countries. Take care to ask me the correct questions if you need Documents.

Rank 3 is a very wide rank. For example; this rank includes bikes with expensive aftermarket pipes, engine parts etc.
This auction ranks bikes with aftermarket parts down, and base their ranks on a standard maker unit.
So you can still get a very nice unit that is Rank 3. You should BID on these, and ask me to check
the unit and not buy it of its out side your specs. Alternativey, get me to call you by adding the "Call Me" comment
into the Customer Request Box on your Bidding Page.

Rank 4 generally is a complete unit with some dents scratches etc.

Rank 5 is a good quality used bike. This may have small dents and light scratches. Be aware that the Tank maybe dented.

Rank 6 is a nice bike - should have very limited scratches. Almost showroom condition.

I am here to help

My job is to give you the information you cannot see from your PC screen.

We try to provide enough systems to allow you to do this. The Customer Request Box in the bidding page is for me to see your
requests, ideas comments. Its important that you use this Customer Request Box. I check each unit you bid on and the more
infor you give me the less chance there is of having problems. So if you want me to call you please say "Call Me" in the
Customer Request Box. It will be done.

One of the biggest problems I see is people bidding on one particular bike.
I then see that there are 20 more of the SAME bike in the Auction but the customer has not bidded on it.
Please please Please BID on them ALL. If you only want 1 unit add the comment eg. "Only want 1 CB400SF" in your Customer
Request Box. I will check each unit, I will not BID on Bikes if I feel they are outside your desired condition.

If you do not BID like this you are reducing your chances to buy to almost NIL.

It maybe the case that I have not been in touch with you to get your condition Specifications.
In this case drop me a line by email and describe them to me. I will be in touch with you if you do this.
It will help me alot, and you can feel better that someone is checking your bikes to your conditions.

Best Regards
John Fearon


February 26, 2010 11:44 AM


Spectrum announces a new upgraded parts Auction System.

01From Friday 26th Feb 2010 please access the Parts Auction from your members page in Spectrums Stonehenge site.
Log in to the Spectrum Auctions as normal. In the members menu bar across the top you will see parts
Click HERE to Log in.

02You will see a list of 25 Parts, to go to next page you can click on the page number or Next>>
You can also click on the Query Box On/Off to search for specific parts in the entire auction.

03The Query Box allows you to search for Maker or Category

04On the Bidding page all BIDS are
Auction Board Price.
You can see on the right side of the page a list of extra charges which you will incur if you buy the item
Be sure you understand all the charges.

Its important to BID early, Bid on as many if you can. Use the Comment Field in the BID page to let your DESIRES be known.
If you do not have access to the Parts Auction Please email Spectrum requesting access.
Click HERE to email us.

Notice for New Years Holiday in Japan

December 8, 2009 11:35 AM

Spectrum will be in New Year holiday from 28-Dec to 3-Jan. Satellite 3
Auction on 29-Dec is still available, but auction work only.

[ Bike Auction ]
<Last Auction in this year>
Satellite 3 on Tuesday --- 29-Dec
Satellite 4 on Tuesday --- 22-Dec
Home on Wednesday --- 23-Dec
Home/Satellite 1 on Friday --- 25-Dec

<First Auction in 2010>
Satellite 3 on Tuesday --- 12-Jan
Satellite 4 on Tuesday --- 12-Jan
Home on Wednesday --- 6-Jan
Home/Satellite 1 on Friday --- 8-Jan

[ Car Auction ]
Last Auction in this year --- 28th-Dec
First Auction in 2010 --- 6th-Jan

Last packing date in this year is 23-Dec.

Head Office Moving

June 19, 2009 3:47 PM

Spectrums Head Office will be moving
from Urawa, Saitama to Joso City Ibaraki
on the 27th of June.

The contact details for the new Spectrum Office are as follows:

Address: 4218-7 Uchimoriya machi, Joso shi, Ibaraki, Japan

Telephone: (81)-297-27-9050

Fax: (81)-297-27-1951



The new office will work from the new address from the 29th of June.
Please note this as anything you wish to send to Spectrum will now need to be sent to the above address.

Kindest Regards
The Spectrum Team

Japan Golden Week Holiday Auction Schedule

April 27, 2009 12:11 PM

Bike Auction Schedule for the Golden Week Holiday is ;


Tuesday 5 May NO AUCTION
Wednesday 6 May Auction as Normal
Thursday 7 May Auction as Normal
Friday 8 May Auction as Normal


Spectrum Staff will be onHand to help you through this Japanese Nation Holiday Period.  Bid as normal - there are many Bargains during this period so please make a special Effort.



John & Team,.